How to Join?

Membership of ITPE is free of charge, but requires a commitment from the organisation.  It is important that the commitment is that of the organisation as opposed to the individual.

 To apply for membership please read the commitments below and submit the form with the requested information.  The ITPE team will be happy to get back to you. 

 I understanding that by joining ITPE, I commit to: 

  • Allow ITPE/CEPIS to use their logo in materials promoting ITPE and professionalism (website, flyer about ITPE etc)
  • Promote the value of IT Professionalism and skills frameworks within my organisation
  • Advocate for the adoption of skills/competency frameworks within my organisation·        
  • Designate a main point of contact
  • Designate those in your company who should receive information about ITPE’s activities
  • Regular attendance of any calls/events – sine qua non
  • Consider hosting an in-company seminar on the e-CF
  • Advocate for the promotion of professionalism among my network, connecting ITPE with new members
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On behalf of my organisation I commit to: *